Healthy Weight for 5’ 6” Female

According to the latest YouGov’s research, 5 feet and 6 inches is considered the ideal height for women, but what is the healthy weight for 5’ 6” female? Women consider the height and weight of their body aesthetically important as both their male and female equals take those factors into consideration when determining their attractiveness. Generally speaking, women no taller than 6 feet are considered attractive, but those who are 5’ 6” tall are considered ideal. However, this ideal height will evoke real beauty only if it is paired with proper body weight. Only women with ideal weight and height will appear beautiful and attractive. They will tend to be healthier as well.

How Much Is the Healthy Weight for 5’ 6” Female?

There is not one exact answer for this question because what determines your ideal weight is not only your height, but also your frame. A woman, just like a man, can have a small body frame (ectomorph), medium body frame (mesomorph), or large body frame (endomorph), though the categorization of body frame on women is different from that on men. Before you can calculate ideal body weight that you should achieve, you need to find out first which body frame size you belong to.

Determining Your Body Frame

The easiest way to determine your body frame is by measuring the circumference of your wrist. You can easily do this by using a measuring tape and/or a ruler. Measure the circumference of the area just below your wrist bone and refer to the following calculations.

  1. If your wrist circumference is less than 6.25 inches, you have an ectomorphic body.
  2. If your wrist circumference is between 6.25 and 6.5 inches, you have a mesomorphic body.
  3. If your wrist circumference is more than 6.5 inches, you have an endomorphic body.

There are online charts and calculators that you can use to calculate your body frame if your height is not exactly 5’ 6”. After you find out which body frame you belong to, you can calculate the ideal weight for 5’ 6” female.

Calculating Ideal Weight for 5’ 6” Female

You don’t actually need to do a complicated calculation to determine the healthy weight for 5’ 6” female. After you obtain your height and body frame data, you can immediately use Body Mass Index (BMI) charts to determine your ideal weight. Such charts are available everywhere on the internet. When you check the charts, it is important to understand that the BMI chart for men is different from that for women and that the chart is mostly applicable for women between the age of 25 and 59.

If you check the chart and match the numbers with your body height and frame data, you will see that the healthy weight for 5’ 6” female is 120-133 pounds for ectomorphic female, 130-144 pounds for mesomorphic female, and 140-159 pounds for endomorphic female. This is the range of body weights that you have to maintain if you want to appear attractive and healthy with your ideal height and weight.